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i-Heat (Central Heating GSM Controller)

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I-HEAT-US  (4G Cellular Heating Controller)  

Control your heating and hot water from your smart phone anywhere in the world! 

i-Heat is a central heating controller which brings you control over your heating and hot water with a touch of a button. This unit can help you save money on heating bills allowing you to only use what you need when you need it. It is a quick and easy install by a qualified electrician along with a simple to use app for everyone, control from anywhere in the world from your smart phone.

Simple to use with our free app! 

1. Press the boost button (heating or water).
2. SMS sent to the i-Heat unit.
3. Mains relay output activates heating/hot water!
4. Warm home & hot water ready!

The combination app that lets you control your home heating & water. With a 24-7 time clock for scheduled turn on.

i-Heat is designed and manufactured in the UK by AES GLOBAL Ltd. This product is intended as a professional install product only, to be installed by a fully qualified electrician.