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Please read the following information about our product warranty.

1. The manufacturer’s warranty is a “return to base” 2-year warranty from the date of manufacture. This means that any suspected defective components or items are returned to the manufacturer’s agent for investigation and diagnosis and returned at the cost of the customer.

2. The warranty does not cover, nor is the manufacturer or agent responsible for any of the following whatsoever: Storm damage, lightning or surge damage, flooding, accidental damage, vandalism or deliberate damage, un-explained corrosion or unusually harsh environments, failure of telephone networks, future un-interoperability between the product and network providers which cause malfunction due to changes implemented by the phone providers after manufacturing of the product, or that which is outside of the control of the manufacturer (e.g. 2G, 3G switch off, removal or inability to obtain VOLTE service), and damage due to not proper installation.

3. The manufacturer in no way accepts liability for any of the following incurred due to a product defect: Cost of attending site, inconveniences, labour rates, time lost, loss to or damage to property, security breaches, late payment clauses or breaches of any contracts between the installer and the client.

4. This is a professional install product only. The product is a component of an overall system. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the installer to certify the safety and compliance of the overall finished system. As soon as this product is fixed to another item, or connected to another third-party device, then the product has been modified, and compliance with local regulations in the country of install is strictly the responsibility of the installer.

5. Re-stocking fees may apply to items returned that are found to be non-defective. Complete units will also attract a re-stocking fee if returned for credit, regardless if a defect is discovered or not. Re-stocking fees may vary depending on the condition of the item being returned, and whether it can be determined as in brand new condition. The warranty terms do not entitle customers to an automatic full refund. For more details on returns procedures and re-stocking fees, contact the agent.

6. Items with physical signs of surge damage are not covered by warranty. Items with visible signs of surge damage will only be covered by warranty if photographic evidence is provided from the site, showing surge protection has been installed.

Full warranty terms and conditions are available upon request to AES Technical Department.